Folding Camping Table and Chairs

When it comes down to selecting the right folding camping table and chairs for your camping trip there are several different varieties to choose from. Each has pros and cons. We’ve had experience with a few types and will try to answer the common questions that arise. How many people does it sit? How much space does it take up? Is it sturdy? How much does it cost? This post will detail our thoughts on a few popular choices.

Our Favorite Folding Camping Table

The Lifetime 22123 Folding Picnic Table

camping picnic table Folding Picnic tableThe Lifetime picnic table is without a doubt our favorite folding camping table. It is large enough to seat six adults. It’s the only one piece table we’ve tried that’s truly sturdy enough for multiple adults. The polyethylene table and benches are durable and will not damage easily. The steel frame is offers good support. This unit folds down to a slim four and a quarter inches but the width and length may make it difficult to transport to the campsite in some vehicles. At 57×72 inches it would be best suited for full sized trucks, SUV’s and RV’s. Weighing in around eighty  pounds it can be moved about easily by two people. This table is also great for the yard and is easy to store during winter. Collapsing the picnic table and erecting it  are a cinch. There is also a center whole for an umbrella if you need a little shade. If camping with multiple adults this is the best option out there. Check out all the positive reviews on Amazon!


Folding Suitcase Picnic Tables

You may have seen these around. They seem to be getting pretty popular. Several manufacturers are making them. They are all four seaters. At least that I’ve seen so far. To be honest the few we’ve tried out have all seemed unstable for adults. I even heard of one collapsing on a heavy man. Most claim 220 lbs. per seat but that is pushing it. But on a positive note they are great for children. Especially for giving the kids their own table to eat. They also pack up really nice and small making them extremely easy to transport just about anywhere or to store in an attic or shed. I will give a brief summary of the few we’ve tried.

The Outsunny  Wooden Outdoor Camp Suitcase Picnic Table

Wooden foldable suitcase picnic table Wooden portable suitcase picnic tableThis is by far the the best among the suitcase tables. The aluminum frame and wooden table and seats are a nice touch. They really give this table a nice appearance that always draws compliments. And maybe the wood and aluminum give a  sense of stability when compared to the common plastic counterparts. This is definitely the sturdiest of the suitcase picnic tables I’ve experienced while being very lightweight at the same time. If you must get one of these suitcase tables, this should be the one. Check it out on Amazon, it seems to have favorable reviews.

The Other Two Suitcase Tables

There are two more that we are experienced with. They are a steep drop off from the one above but at the same time are also a little more affordable and may be ideal for the kids.

Outsunny First there is the plastic model that is also made by Outsunny. It still has the aluminum frame but the plastic seats and table make this one feel much less secure. It still folds up nicely and everything, but the wooden model feels much more sturdy (maybe imagined). It claims to support 265 lbs. per seat. Just make sure not to lean on the table. The plastic one usually runs about twenty bucks cheaper than the wood one, so if being bought for kids it may be worth the extra savings.

Stansport suitcase tableThe Second one is manufactured by Stansport. I’ve liked some of their products in the past, such as their Camping Privacy Shelter but this table seems to be of pretty poor quality. It feels flimsyaltough it also has an aluminum frame. It claims a 200 lbs. limit per seat which is less than the others, but I wouldn’t test it. Kids only for this one would be my advice. This table does come with an umbrella included to help keep the little ones out of the harmful UV rays and is usually available at a decent price.



A Great Two Seat Folding Camping Table and Stool

World Outdoor Products Two Person Suitcase Style CAMP MASTER World Outdoor Products CAMP MASTERFrom World Outdoor Products comes this awesome little three piece set. Although there are three pieces, the stools fold up and fit nicely in the suitcase formed from the folded table. Weighing about sixteen pounds this table is light weight enough to transport easily. A great addition to your camping gear, but it only seats two people. It would work great together with one of the four seater picnic tables e mentioned earlier with this one being for the adults and the picnic table being for the kids. This one has  pretty solid aluminum construction to boot. We highly recommend this table and stool set for camping. See what others are saying about it!


A More Traditional Option

Flash Furniture 5-Piece Folding Card Table and Chair Set

Flash Furniture 5-Piece Folding Card Table and Chair SetFolding card table and chair sets have been used for camping and outdoor use for ages now. they are really convenient and most people already own a set. We are really fond of this set from Flash Furniture because it is built to a higher quality standard than similar ones we’ve came across. The seats are padded which makes sitting a little more comfortable(especially for long card and board games). The table has rounded corners so falls and bumps will not hurt nearly as bad. The table and chairs can be folded and thrown in the back of a vehicle easily. This set comes with four chairs. Get your set today!

Another Good Option

4 peice foldable camping table and chair set 4 peice foldable camping table and chair setThese types of folding chairs we all own or have owned at some point. They are great for just about any outdoor activity. Convenient. Collapsible. Easy to carry. Here we have a set of four with a table and a nice little tote bag for added convenience. the table isn’t real sturdy but will hold a plate or two of food and a couple of beverages. The chairs would be better with arms, but we’re camping not lounging in the living room watching football. Really love the carry bag though. This set with it’s familiarity should be a popular option for many campers. Check it out on Amazon!


Three Piece Table With Benches

 Plastic Folding Table and Benches Flash Furniture DAD-YCZ-103-GG Plastic Folding Table and BenchesFlash Furniture has made another decent table set for campers. It is a three piece set with benches instead of chairs. It is not the sturdiest you’ll come across. It is supposed to sit four people, but I wouldn’t try it with four adults. Perhaps two adults and two children. What I like about this set is the way that the benches fold up neatly underneath the table making for just one piece to carry around. These benches could be a little sturdier. Another good camping table for the kids or for a couple, but not the best for family camping.


There are many options in the Folding Camping Table and Chair market. Our favorite is also the bulkiest. The cheaper you go the quality goes as well. With all the styles out there it, we hope we’ve helped you narrow it down a bit. Good Luck!