Campfire Songs

Campfire Songs

A sure path to Camping fun!


Are your camping trip evenings sometimes boring? Or are you looking for just a little more fun out of your camping trips?

One of the best ways to liven up and make any camping experience more enjoyable (especially a family camping trip) is with campfire songs. That’s right. A good old fashioned sing along sitting around a comfy fire, roasting marshmallows and weenies is a sure way to camping enjoyment. Campfire songs for kids are a definite way to get children interested in camping and the out doors. The boy scouts, girl scouts and cub scouts have been singing while camping for many years now and for good reason. It’s Fun! It is also plenty fun for the adults.

There are many great songs that are appropriate for the ole camp fire, but choosing the right ones that are easy and fun can be a little difficult. There are some classics that can’t be mentioned without thinking of camping, such as Kumbaya. There are different types of songs to choose from as well.Funny and silly songs are always popular with the kids. As are cowboy songs and American traditional songs. Folk music is another common favorite at many a camp ground. Many of the best and most popular campfire songs are pretty simple to learn on the guitar. An acoustic guitar is the perfect way to accompany a camp sing along. Knowing just some basic guitar is enough for the camp fire. If you don’t know how to play, learning a few chords is enough to play just about any guitar campfire songs that are commonly heard.

Mel Bay’s Campfire Songbook (Jerry Silverman Music Library) (Jerry Silverman Music Library) is a good collection of camping songs that features Guitar chords, melody notation, and complete lyrics.

Also Campfire Songs, 3rd (Campfire Books) is a good collection of songs that are bound to please. It is a collection of more than 110 campfire songs – complete with words, scores and guitar chords.