Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person 3-Season Family Cabin Camping Tent w/ Rain Fly



Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person 3-Season Family Cabin Camping TentWhen you go on a camping trip with your family, having the necessary gear and equipment with you is critical. Beyond enough water and food supplies, sleeping bags and a first-aid kit, the tent is one of the most important items in your backpack, and choosing the right one for you and your beloved ones can be daunting. Tahoe Gear Glacier 14 Person 3-Season Family Cabin Camping Tent w/ Rain Fly has been specifically implemented to accommodate up to 14 people, which makes it versatile and efficient if you plan to bring the whole family with you. Made from quality materials that include durable polyester, this tent comes with large zipped windows that contribute to proper ventilation, as well as a fly canopy that extends out over the door for extra coverage. If you are considering buying a new family-size tent for your camping needs, check our comprehensive Tahoe Gear Glacier review.

Features and Specifications

• Tent body made from durable 1200mm polyester
• Accommodates up to 14 people
• Taped fly seams
• Polyethylene binding floor
• Fly canopy extends out for extra coverage
• Guy ropes for securing the tent during windy weather conditions
• Solar shield to prevent direct sun exposure and keep the tent cool
• Open mesh design for excellent ventilation
• Includes stakes, pole bag, carry bag and assembly instructions
• 7′ center
• Zipping large windows
• Dimensions: 20′ x 12” x 84”


We cannot possibly talk about the Glacier family tent without listing its many benefits. In the first place, this tent is extremely large, providing a huge amount of space that can easily accommodate up to 14 people. If you plan to bring your whole family with you, then this option is versatile, allowing you to get as much room as you want or need for feeling comfortable during your camping trip. The tent is divided into two main “rooms,” which can be separated through a zipped polyester wall, so everyone can enjoy a few moments of quietness and intimacy.
For those campers who want to go outside during the summer, the Tahoe Gear Glacier is built with a convenient open mesh design that will enhance ventilation, as well as a solar shield that will prevent direct sun exposure and will keep the tent cool. With several mesh windows that can be zipped and unzipped as needed, the tent creates optimal conditions for happy camping, helping all campers avoid potential issues. Therefore, all windows can be unzipped during the day, when temperatures are hot, and zipped during the night, when the weather is cooler and mosquitoes are eagerly waiting to bother you.
Furthermore, the Tahoe Gear Glacier is ideal during windy, rainy or stormy weather conditions, because it comes along with guy ropes that will help you secure it into place. Improper security is the primary disadvantage of most tents, and this is what makes the Tahoe Gear Glacier stand out among other items of its kind. With a convenient wall height and a large 7’ center, the tent will allow you to easily move inside the tent without having to arch your back and potentially experience discomfort of even back pain.
Available in two colors (green and red). Due to the many features it comes with, this tent can be the perfect choice for your camping needs, offering everything it takes to make your camping experience memorable.




In terms of drawbacks, there is not much to say about this particular tent. The tent fabric itself is very thin indeed, which might potentially lead to ripping or tearing it apart accidentally. Moreover, the tent floor is made from the same material as a tarp, which makes it rather poor and inappropriate when adults, children and dogs are around. You might also find it very noisy to walk on, which might successfully wake you up in the night when someone attempts to use the toilet.

Final Thoughts

Even if it has a couple of drawbacks, the Tahoe Gear Glacier still remains a solid and reliable tent to choose when you go on camping. Provided that it comes with so many beneficial features and a convenient price value, the tent will offer you protection and comfort, enhancing your experience and allowing you to spend memorable moments with your beloved ones. Check out what other campers are saying about this tent!