Swiss Gear Elite Series 12 Person Family Dome Camping Tent Review

3 room tent                       

The Swiss gear Elite Series 12 person tent comes with enough room to sleep the largest of families. Equipped with a cloth divider that splits the tent into three separate rooms, the Elite series has much to offer in the way of privacy. Also, both of the back rooms have their own door so if you are up later or earlier than your fellow campers, you do not have to crawl over or disturb them. The nineteen by nineteen foot base provides enough space to allow all three rooms to fit a queen size air mattress. The middle room has screened walls that can be zipped up to allow  you to turn it into a sleeping area. If not sleeping in the middle room, the walls come down to let in the fresh air and give you an area for eating, playing, or storage. The center height is around six feet and ten inches so unless you are a NBA center, you should be able to walk around inside of this tent. This tent might be too big for some tent pads that are present at some campgrounds. If you are searching for a huge tent that is in an affordable price range, this one will surely satisfy your special needs.

 Set Up

Setting it up is pretty straight forward. Nothing too complicated. The size of the tent can make it a chore though. One person can assemble the tent alone but it will not be easy. Two people will be able to get it up without a problem. With a tent this large, it is important to follow the directions carefully and not skip any steps. Color coded pole and sleeves make things a little easier to figure out. Set up is time consuming. The few times we’ve set up this tent, we were never able to get it up in under twenty five minutes. That was with two people. But if you need the space, it’s worth it. Taking the tent down can be a bit of a time sink as well, just make sure you fold it up properly and carefully or it will take up more space than it did before.


This Swiss Gear like most is  fully weather resistant. It is coated to keep out the water and is designed to be wind resistant. That being said, a heavy rain can allow for some leaks if you don’t apply the rain fly properly. You should treat the seams and apply a  sealer before taking the tent out as well. This will ensure you stay dry during wet weather. I’ve only seen this behemoth in low to mild winds, so I haven’t personally seen it wind tested.

 Extra Features

The Elite Series 12 person is equipped with an e-port that allows for access to electrical cords without having to leave the door open. Private doors to avoid other sleepers. The green color is nice in a wilderness setting.


I’ve read reports of the material tearing on a few occasions, but I believe this is due to improper handling during set up. Most likely from inexperienced people trying to set it up by themselves or not following the directions properly.


 Elite Series Summary

This isn’t the best tent on the market, but it does offer a lot of space at a reasonable price. Click here to check the current pricing at Amazon.