Mountain Trails Grand Pass 2-Room 7 Person Family Dome Tent Review

Mountain Trails Grand Pass

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass is one of the cheapest family sized tents I’ve seen lately. But I’m talking about the price, not the quality. You can easily find better  large tents, but you will rarely find one at such a low price. The only other quality tent for this cheap that I can think of is the Coleman Red Canyon.


The Grand Pass is large enough to accommodate up to seven people. Six is a more comfy fit. It measures to eighteen feet of length by ten feet of width. The center height is 76 inches, so standing in the tent is possible, but there is a dome shape so only the center area is tall enough to stand. I don’t do much standing in tents anyway, I prefer to just use them for sleeping. There is a divider curtain that can separate the tent into two rooms. This is always a welcome feature on tents of this size.


Mountain Trails Grand Pass

 Set Up

The set up difficulty is about average for a tent of this size. A single long person can get it done with a little time, but two people make it a lot easier. It took me approximately 25 minutes to get it up alone. There is a pin and ring system that you see on many tents these days,  to help simplify the set up process. One of the best features of the Grand Pass is how it fits into its duffel bag. Once the tent is rolled up, you simply wrap the duffel around the tent, as opposed to trying to squeeze a loose tent back into a tight bag. This can save a few nightmares.


The rain fly seems to do a good job keeping the place dry in light rains. The floors didn’t seep either, but we had a heavy duty tarp underneath the tent. I haven’t seen it tested in hard rains. I have heard from fellow campers that the tent has stood up in 25 mph winds, but have also heard a complaint that the center pole gave in during 25 mph winds. I have seen it withstand 15 mph, but haven’t seen a Grand Pass in more severe weather. A mesh ceiling and end windows seem to offer enough ventilation to avoid stale air, while offering good views of what’s happening outside of the tent.

Other Features

The two D shaped doors make access in and out of the tent easy. No crawling in is necessary. Each door also has its own door mat so you can wipe your feet and help keep mud and dirt where it belongs, outside of the tent.


It doesn’t have all the features available on modern tents, nor is it made of the highest quality materials. It is what it is , a decent tent that is available at a great price. Read what othersthought about it at  Amazon today!