McNett Seam Sure Water based Sealer For Extended Tent Life

McNett Seam Sure Water based Sealer


McNett Seam Sure Water based Sealer

Protecting your tents seams from water is very important. While most tents made today offer weather resistance,some can still be leaky if caught in a hard rain, especially if your rain fly is not installed properly. Extra protection is always a safe bet.

Also once tents become aged, their sealants applied from the manufacturer will wear away.

Sealing your tents seams is an important part of general tent maintenance.

The McNett Seam sure water based sealer does a good job of protecting your seams. If applied properly, it will prevent rain from coming through your seams, even in persistent heavy rain. The brush on the tube is supposed to make the application a smooth process. The sealant itself is a little runny, so you should take some precautions to keep it from getting on you and all over the tent. Also, the brush is a bit stiff for use on some fabrics, such as lower end tents. This problem is easily overcome. My suggestion is to pour a little of the sealer in a container and then apply it to the seams with a sponge. Therefore you avoid the hard brush and the runny mess.


This sealer is a really good product that will keep you dry. The built-in applicator brush is far from perfect, but you should not let that stop you from using a quality product. Pick up your own tube of  Water based Sealer at Amazon now!