Wenzel Sunward 30 Degree Sleeping Bag Review



The Wenzel Sunward 30 degree sleeping bag is a quality sleeping bag that is available at a bargain price compared to other bags of the same quality. The Wenzel sunward does an excellent job of keeping me warm on cold nights. Although I must admit, most of my camping trips occur  in Texas, so my definition of cold might be a little different from somebody from, say Wisconsin or Maine. Wenzel says the bag is good for mild weather camping. I’m sorry, but the thirties are cold in my book. My tolerance for cold aside, I’ve slept in this bag in temperatures as low as 40 degrees and felt cozy throughout the night. As comfy as I stayed at 40 degrees, I believe this bag would do well in the thirty degree range  that it is made for. This has been a mild winter so far in 2011-2012 for Texas, so if I get a chance to test these bags at thirty degrees, I will update this review.


The sleeping bag is filled with four pounds of hypoallergenic Insul-Therm polyester fiberfill. So people with allergies to certain fabrics shouldn’t have issue with this bag. At four pounds this is not too heavy of a bag for the thirty degree class of bags. Wenzel designed the sleeping bag with quilt through construction to keep the filling from getting bunched up, thus preventing aggravating cold spots and annoying lumps that could interrupt your sleeping. The outside of the sleeping bag is made of a durable polyester that should last for many camping trips.

It comes equipped with two straps that make folding up, storing, and traveling with it a no hassle experience. The self repairing zipper is another feature that I like about this bag as zippers are one of the leading issues that cause campers to throw away a sleeping bag.

Immeasurable 77 inches in length the Sunward should hold people of above average height. One of my friends is six feet and one inch tall and he fit  without any complaints. The inner liner is a comfortable polyester pongee, making the night a pleasurable experience. We used these bags with and without air mattresses underneath. When we went without the  mattresses, these bags were still comfortable through-out the night. The Thermarest Collapsible Pillow is a good companion to this bag as they both are easy to store and carry.


  • Temperature rating: 30 degrees F
  • Size: 77 by 33 inches
  • Fill weight: 4 pounds
  • Fill type: Hypoallergenic Insul-Therm
  • Outer: Polyester
  • Liner: Soft polyester pongee
  • Zipper: Self-repairing
  • Storage: 2 elastic straps

I have a couple of these Sunward bags now and have been satisfied with them. Wenzel is a company I’ve grown to like, having used several of their tents in the past several years. Grab a one from Amazon right now!