Wenzel Alpine Dome 3-Person Tent Review

 Wenzel Alpine 8.5 X 8-Feet Dome Tent with fly




The Wenzel Alpine three person dome tent is a nice tent for its price range. There are better three person tents available but they will cost nearly three times as much as the Alpine.

Getting the Alpine set up and ready to go can be accomplished rather quickly as is usual with these smaller tents. With only three poles to work with, no wonder it is so easy. In fact, if you’ve ever set up a tent before, you can probably get this one up without even reading the directions. Of course reading the directions first is always advisable. Plus the pole pockets simplify the whole process. Taking the Alpine down is easy as well. One person is all that is needed. The rain fly is pretty small so putting it on is a snap also.

Ite does pretty good in light rain and maybe some light wind. This tents’ fabric is the typical weather armor with reinforced floor and strong seams and all those good marketing terms that make tents sound like they could withstand a hurricane. The truth is, this tent will withstand light rain just fine, but the rain fly is so small that it does not cover the windows, meaning you can’t open them for good ventilation during the rain. Of course in dry weather, this isn’t a problem at all. I do like the attached floor mat with drainage that helps to keep the inside of the tent clean.

Wenzel Alpine 8.5 X 8-Feet Dome Tent wofly

 Dome Tent wofly

It is touted as eight feet by eight and a half feet, but with its pentagon shape, these dimensions are from the longest points and no single wall actually measures this long. This could cause a problem if trying to sleep a tall person or even three adults. One adult with a couple of children or three children will fit fine. Two adults will fit as long as the adults aren’t both over six feet tall. If you must sleep three adults, I would say that this one is not for you unless you are much shorter than average people.

The large D shaped door is a nice touch. The zipper also runs smoothly without snagging, which is uncommon in tents that are this reasonably priced. There is a small loft that is great for placing personal items like wallets or cell phones. It is very light-weight; about eight pounds, making it ideal for biking, hiking, or motorcycle trips. It would also make a good tent for music festivals and the like.

While having a few flaws this is a great tent for the kids. They will find it simple to set up and carry themselves, also will be able to fit in it without trouble. Order yours from Amazon Today while it is discounted and available with free shipping!