Wenzel Ridgeline 7 X 7-Foot Three-Person Dome Tent Review

 Wenzel Ridgeline 7 X 7-Feet Three-Person Dome Tent Review

Wenzel Ridgeline 7 X 7-Feet Three-Person Dome Tent Review


The Wenzel Ridgeline Three Person dome Tent is one of our favorite small tents. It is big enough to sleep three comfortably, but weighing in at under seven pounds it is light enough to carry with you while hiking, biking, or boating. The light weight allows you to venture further before setting up camp. If you desire a separate tent for the children is a perfect solution for that. The kids like having their own tent and the adults get some privacy, which can be scarce on camping trips with the family. The Ridgeline while designed for three people is also good for one or two people that just need a little extra space for storage or a pet. It is a dome tent that is just a little over four feet tall so standing will not be an option for most of us. the base measures seven by seven feet, providing forty nine square feet, making for a rather small footprint.



Most modern tents offer pretty good weather protection and this one is no different. The fabric is coated and the seams are reinforced so leaking should not be an issue. The threads are also made to keep out the water. The rain fly covers the roof vents and works well. The extra strong tub floor keeps out the ground water. The Ridgeline has a low enough profile that wind is unlikely to blow it over. The screened door and window combined with the screened roof provide ample ventilation and airflow.

 Set Up

Erecting this one is a very simple task. This is another reason this is a good tent for the children. They can set it up themselves. It is basically just two poles. The shock corded fiberglass frame along with the pin and ring system are the main reasons for the easy set up. there is no reason the Ridgeline should take more than ten minutes to erect. It can be done by a single person as well.

 Other Features

The D style door is nice and makes entering the tent a little less of a hassle compared to normal tent doorways. The zippers are strong and don’t break easily. There is a gear loft and some pockets that are great for storage of your camping  accessories. We also like that the rain fly makes a small awning providing a little extra shade. I found the tent east to get back into its storage bag once we took it down.


If you are looking for a tent to keep you dry while remaining simple to assemble and light to carry you should check out Amazon for current pricing.  Free Shipping is usually available for this item also, so check it soon to make sure it is still available. This is a perfect tent for solo, couples, or the children.

Wenzel Ridgeline Three-Person Dome Tent without rain fly

Wenzel Ridgeline Three-Person Dome Tent without rain fly