Wenzel Klondike Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent Review

Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent Rain fly

16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person  Dome Tent

 wenzel tent review

The Wenzel Klondike Eight Person Family Cabin Dome Tent is room enough to live up to its title and put up eight people for the night. Although it will be a tight fit, unless some of the campers are children. Measuring sixteen feet by eleven feet there is even space to store your accessories and luggage. The ceiling height is six and a half feet in the center and being a dome tent the height tapers towards the edges but is still near six feet on the edge. Most people will be able to walk around inside without bending or bumping your head. There is over 158 square feet of floor space including the sun room. The sun rooms mesh  walls can close giving you more space. At 27 pounds it is much too heavy for hiking and backpacking, which is expected for family camping tents.

Raising the Klondike took less than twenty minutes the first time. We now are able to get it up in around fifteen minutes. Setting it up does require two people due to the large size. The rain fly reminds me of  a baseball cap the way it fits over the dome and then gets flat. It was easy to put on as well, but also took two people to get it right. The poles are shock corded which makes assembly go a little smoother.

Wenzel Klondike Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent w/o rain fly

w/o rain fly

It has all the weather features we’ve come to expect in modern tent and then some. The Weather Armor polyester fabric repels water. It hasa polyurethane coating that not only helps keep rain out but it helps keep in the warm air if you have all the screened areas closed up.  the seams are double stitches for extra water protection. The tent is designed with power corners that help keep it upright during heavy winds. The dome tent shape also helps with the wind. With the rain fly removed  the roof is all mesh not only giving you great views of the night sky but allowing for extra air flow on hot nights. There is a rear vent near the floor that allows a ground  breeze so staying cool should never be  a problem.

The  Klondike comes with a screen room in the front is a great place to get some shade. We like eating our meals here to keep the flys off of our food. the screens close allowing for extra sleeping space, storage area, or just a place to kick off your shoes before entering the main tent. there are two pockets that hang to give you some extra storage space, and we all need that.
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