Swiss Gear St. Alban Family Dome Tent Review


Swiss Gear St. Alban Family Dome Tent with rain fly



 Tent Size

The Swiss Gear St. Alban  is a family sized tent that is large enough for most families. Measuring fourteen feet by eleven feet it is designed to accommodate eight people comfortably. With 176 square feet there is more than plenty of room to move about. The middle height of the tent is 76 inches and if did my math correctly that is about six feet and four inches, so it should be tall enough for the majority of us to stand erect while inside without bumping our heads. If your are camping with less than eight people then you will have plenty of room for all your camping accessories or whatever else you might  need storage room for. With the rain fly on you even get a little outdoor space that is shaded from the sun.

 Set Up

The first time we set it up it took us about  twenty minutes. we were able to shave some minutes off our time after a few experiences setting it up. we are now coming in under fifteen minutes, which is pretty quick. I am also now able to set it up solo, but the rain fly almost certainly requires a helping hand. The pin and ring system, and the eave hubs speed up the assembly process. Taking it down was simple as well. I didn’t have a problem fitting it back in the storage bag which is rare with tents lately.

                            Weather Features

Swiss Gear St. Alban Family Dome Tent w/o rain fly

Swiss Gear St. Alban Family Dome Tent w/o rain fly

The St. Alban comes with a water resistant sonic-welded polyethylene floor that works wonders at not letting water seep through the bottom of the tent during wet weather to ruin your trip. The fabric of both the tent and the rain fly are coated with water repellant to keep the contents of the tent dry. Also the seams are  designed to not allow leakage. This isn’t the perfect tent for high winds, there will be some moving around, but we didn’t have a collapse and we didn’t blow away. The corners are designed to help in high winds though. The windows are large and provide plenty of air flow. If their is no chance of rain I recommend removing the rain fly. The mesh roof will add more air and a night view. the d shaped door is a nice touch.  The built in floor mat is a nice feature as well, allowing you to easily clean your shoes and feet and keeping dirt out of the tent.

Additional Features

There are shoe storage areas near the door that have both inside and outside access. The attached floor  keeps the inside clean. There is  port for power cords so you can power your electronic devices without having to leave the door open. there are some handy storage areas. the mesh roof is a nice touch.



As usual with every tent I come across the stakes aren’t well designed, but I always have aftermarket tent stakes ready for any camping trip. They are relatively cheap for good quality.


All in all a good tent with some interesting features (shoe storage for example). Good size fitting for a group of 8 or less.  Get it at a great price form Amazon!   They offer a good deal for a quality family tent.