Suisse Sport Wyoming 3 Room Family Dome Tent Review


Suisse Sport Wyoming 3 Room Family Dome Tent



We love the Suisse Sport Wyoming and the main reason is that is divides into three rooms. A three room tent!! So many tent are limited to one or two rooms. A third room provides extra privacy that is much needed when camping with large groups of people. You can use it as a two bedroom with a shared living room or as a three bedroom tent.

The Wyoming tent is large enough to sleep up to eight people with a little extra wiggle room left over. If all tenants of the tent are children you could probably squeeze in a few more than eight. This is a dome tent so the center height is taller than on the ends of the tent where you will probably have to stoop or kneel to move around easily.


This Three Room Dome Tent is designed to keep you dry in the rain. It has a weather resistant polyester floor. The body fabric is also polyester with seams that are coated and taped. The rain fly does a good job of diverting the rain.  The weather resistant features are not as good as some of the tents that will cost you a few hundred bucks, but for its price range  it performs quite nicely. It does great even in heavy rain and light winds, but severe storms could cause some minor leakage. There are three large mesh windows that provide plenty of ventilation and fresh air. Take off the rain fly any you will get even more air from the mesh roof and maybe a view of the stars.


The shock corded poles make setting up the tent a pretty easy process. It will probably require two people to set it up properly. Fifteen minute is about how long it will take most people with a little experience to get it up. Inexperienced campers may take a bit longer until they get a little practice.

Additional features

This tent has some cool features. There are two compartments near the entrance to the tent that are for placing your shoes in. They zip up yo keep our the insects and the other creepy crawlers that could ruin your trip. Plus they can be accessed from the inside or outside which is really convenient. The door zippers work great without snagging which is a problem with many tents. There is a plug port for plugging in your electronic devices.

All in all Suisse Sport has made a good tent for the family. The fact that its a three room tent makes it more desirable. It will be fine in most weather conditions and set up isn’t difficult. Check Amazon for the latest reviews!