Wenzel Great Basin Nine-Person Two-Room Family Dome Tent Review

Wenzel Great Basin 18 X 10-Feet Nine-Person Two-Room Family Dome Tent

The  Size

The Great Basin is a pretty big tent that is designed to sleep nine people. It lives up to its designers intentions rather well as nine people could fit for the night rather easily. At 18 feet by 10 feet space will never be an Issue with this Wenzel. If you do use it to sleep nine then you will have practically no room for a living area for those that like tables and chairs in their tents, but sleeping seven or eight will leave some more room for that type of stuff. At 70 inches tall most people should be able to stand rather easily while insid.

 Weather Resistance

Weather shouldn’t be an issue with the tub style floor that is welded not sewn which means no leaky needle wholes allowing water in to ruin your camping trip. There is great ventilation provided by two large mesh windows and two large side by side mesh  D Doors. The rain fly is large enough to cover the roof area and keep out the rain. This isn’t the greatest wind resistant tent, but should do well for those that aren’t camping in the windiest of conditions.

Great Basin Set Up

We found the set up to be easy for two people, although one person might have a difficult time due to the size of the tent unless that one person has very long arms. The corded frame and pin and ring system help make the set up easier. I estimate average set up times to be between 15 and 30 minutes depending on your tent set up experience level.

Other features

This two room tent is equipped with a divider that allows the tent to function as one large room are two separate rooms allowing for privacy or just making a sleeping and living room. There are two lofts for storing all your  equipment, backpacks and the like. There are also a couple of storage pockets that are handy for storing knick knacks.


The Wenzel Great Basin is a good tent. There are better tents on the market but not for such a good price. The is tons of space for a tent priced this low. Check to see what others are saying on Amazon.   It is also available with free shipping.