Coleman WeatherMaster Screened 6 Person Tent Review


Coleman WeatherMaster Screened 6 Person Tent

Set Up

As often as I do this, assembly of the tent has become one of my favorite parts of camping. I get that good feeling thanking of the fun that lies in my near future. Setting up the was quite an easy task compared to most 6 person tents, and I did it alone. A much shorter person could also set it up solo, although an extra set of hands would make the process a little quicker.  Color coded poles and the continuous pole sleeves are a couple of reasons for the simplicity of the set up. The pin and ring design and the Insta-clip attachments also simplify the process. The instructions, sewn into the carry bag, are as easy to follow as they could possibly be, but we here at The Family Tent Review are  rather experienced in tent assembly. Those inexperienced in tent set up should have few practice runs in the backyard to make sure things will go smoothly on camping day.  Dis-assembly was simple as well. The real shocker was how easy I got the tent back into the carry bag without even folding it up very neatly. Over 500 Amazon reviewers can’t be wrong!

Weather Resistance

You can be assured with a name like Weathermaster that this tent will hold up to the elements. On a recent camping trip I set this Coleman up for some young relatives, it rained for nearly the whole week and not a drop made its way inside. I did use an extra tarp under the tent as I always do, although the waterproof floors probably would have held up on their own. Made of weather resistant fabric coated with polyester and webbing and zippers designed to keep water out you are sure to remain dry during rainy weather. The rain fly is large enough to  cover the doors and windows. The wind strong frame was engineered to  hold up to pretty strong winds. The screened room and all mesh ceiling greatly increase ventilation helping to cool down the tent,which are my favorite features while camping in South Texas. An air flow port is also built into the tent, but most tents have these now days. There are lots of windows to help keep you cools as well.


This Weathermaster is designed for sleeping six people. It can do this but it will be rather tight. Five will fit more comfortably.  Although there is an 8 person tent available with the Weathermaster Brand. When set up it measures seventeen feet by nine feet. At  36 pounds it is rather heavy if you plan on backpacking it very far. The tent has two interior rooms which is good for privacy or having a recreation are for cards, eating, etc. There is one outside screened area that is great for getting away from the bugs or just getting some shade.there are two doors, one of which is actually hinged. The ceiling is rather high at over 70 inches in center.

Additional Features

The air cool port is a cool feature for running extension cords or reaching outside of the tent to reach the cooler.  The all mesh ceiling offers a nice view if you have the rainfly off. There is a loop on the ceiling for hanging lights.


The stakes are not the best quality. They never are anymore regardless of which tent you buy. I always recommend buying additional stakes, preferably some made of steel instead of plastic. Also the  rainfly doesn’t cover all of the porch room. This isn’t really an issue unless you plan on sleeping in the screened porch room or storing something there that could be damage by the rain. Probably shouldn’t store that kind of stuff in the screened room anyway.


This is one of the better weather resistant tents out there.  If you don’t like or need the screened porch feature you could just pick up a Coleman WeatherMaster 8 which is basically the same tent except with a closed in room where the screened room is on the weathermaster 6 person. The screened porch is a great feature in my opinion though, but I can understand why some might not want or need it. This is a good Family Tent. See if they are still available at Amazon!