Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Cabin Tent – 12 Person

Eureka Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Cabin 12 Person Tent


You could be in the castle of tents while your buddies and co-campers are in tents that are like efficiency apartments!  See waht others are saying about the Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Cabin 12 Person Tent! or continue with another fabulous review. This is a very large tent. I get excited writing family tent reviews for tents this huge. Measuring 15 feet by 12 feet it is a great family tent that will hold just about everything you could dream to put in it (including some of the other campers tents). With nearly vertical walls the square footage is true and not cheated with walls darting in at sharp angles. Twelve grown people as advertised could fit easily, but it might be a little tight. You could probably fit an entire Scout troop in this thing. At over seven feet of height in the center you will never need to stoop or bend in this Eureka. As a matter of fact shorter folks may want to bring a step ladder if you plan on hanging a light or closing the divider that separates the tent into two rooms. The two doors are located so that each room has its own door, which is good if you have different  sleeping habits than the people you are sharing the tent with.

The Dimensions

Height: over 7 feet

Length: 15 feet

Width: 12 feet

weight: 39 pounds

Weather Resistance

Camping in the rain has never been more enjoyable. We had several nights of rain, one of which was a rather heavy rain, without a drop making its way inside the tent. The fly is big enough over the end windows to allow you to open them some for ventilation even in hard rain. The top of the tent is mesh ant part of the rain fly is plastic allowing you to gaze at the stars or have a sky light if you wish and also aiding ventilation. Of Course you can zip shut the area where the see through panels are to keep out the light or add privacy. We had some winds that I’d estimate in the 20- 25 mph range without any problem from the tent.

Set Up

Setting up the tent is pretty easy, of course I have much experience with previous tents so my times may be better than a beginner tent erector. Our first test run took a little over twenty minutes. This included stretching out the tent for set up and laying everything out. The second time we got it up in 17 minutes. Erecting this tent could possibly be done by a single person, but two or three makes it much simpler. The rain fly mat require two people to get it on properly.

Extra Features

The Copper Canyon comes with a storage loft. Also two power ports near the doors allow you to run a power cord to the tent. You can close the ports with a zipped flap to keep out the rain.


The stakes could be a little better. I’m finding this to be common with most new tents, but stronger stake are available. You should buy a tarp for underneath the tent (this is always recommended with any tent though). One for inside may also be beneficial for protecting the floor and easier cleaning.


When all is said and done the Eureka is one of the highest quality family tents and well worth the prices it often goes for . It is our current favorite here at Family Tent Review. That may be due to the size. Click here to get one from Ama­zon !


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