Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent Review



Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent

Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent


Measuring 15 feet by 10 feet and over seven feet tall the Columbia Cougar Flats has a vast cavernous interior which is dividable into two rooms so you can put those kids in a separate room. Or you could use one room as a bedroom and the other like a living room. If you prefer you can zip up the room divider and just have one big room. It comfortably sleeps six people, and we even manged to squeeze in ten people one time though it was a little tight. This may be my favorite 10 person tent available at the moment.  Someone actually fit an extra large cot, a normal cot and two twin air mattresses inside with some space remaining on the edges. With two entrance doors access to the tent should never get jammed. Also on the rain fly is an awning that is big enough to cover two or three seats. Weighing in at 54 pounds this is not a tent for hiking. But the tote bag has wheels and this helps a lot with transporting the tent. In this one space should never be an issue.


Width: 15 feet by 10

Height: over 7 feet

Columbia Cougar Flats II

Columbia Cougar Flats II

Set Up

This goes up pretty easily. The poles are color coded which makes things pretty easy yo figure out. The instruction manual is a little vague so the first setup took a little longer than the second. The first time took us 35 minutes. The second only about 20 minutes. It is possible to setup with one person but 2 makes the process much easier. Chances are if you are buying a tent this big you will have someone to help you. Taking the tent down is a rather quick process. I found that it is very easy to collapse. Also the EZ Pak that comes with the tent is expandable so no more struggling to stuff your tent back into the bag. This is actually one of my favorite features.

Weather Resistance

It comes equipped with a rainfly that has an 800 mm coating, and although I’d usually recommend an 1000mm coating the Cougar held up just fine in stormy weather. The seams of the Cougar are factory sealed but it is recommended that you use the Kenyon 3 sealer that comes with the tent as extra precaution. We camped during mild storms without a leak or puddle. Although we did use a tarp underneath the tent, which is always recommended. The Bay window design allows you to keep your windows open during stormy weather. The Cyclone venting system allows for greater air circulation inside the tent allowing you to beat the heat. The roof is ventilated and has much mesh , so with the rainfly removed you can get even better air flow and free light provided by the sun. When we took ours camping on the beach it held up to the constant winds without a problem. The upper poles being made of fiberglass and the bottom ones of metal make for a sturdy hybrid pole system.

Additional Features

The interior includes several features to aide in organization. A loft for hiding gear and other items out of your way. I found the loft to be not only cool but also a handy feature on this10 person  family tent. There are also storage lockers for placing items in. The hanging cup holders are a feature that I truly love. Several internal pockets are also located in the interior. This is one of the better organization aiding tents out there. There is also a Camp port for any cables that need to pass through the tent.


There are only two cons I have found. The first is that both external doors enter the same room. This is only a con in some situations. With small children this would be considered a bonus. The second potential negative is that the placement of the awning isn’t over one of the two doors. But at least it has an awning.


In summary this is a great tent. In fact it is my favorite at the moment( I think its the hanging cup holders). With its large size, good weather resistance, and great organizational features camping this summer should be a breeze. Columbia has really outdone themselves this time with another high quality family size camping tent.  This 10 person tent usually ships with free shipping. Click Here to order one from Amazon!