Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Dome Tent Review


Size and Dimensions

This 8-Person Modified Dome Tent is a large family sized tent. Measuring 17 by 10 feet it sleeps up to 8 people comfortably. Although if your family or friends are large size 6 may be a more realistic number. With a 72 inch center height most people can maneuver within the tent without any problems. With these large dimensions fitting the whole family in a single tent should be a breeze. It also features removable privacy walls that allow you to choose whether you’d like 1 large space or 2 or 3 smaller spaces. This is great for separating misbehaving children or just getting a little privacy from your friends and family.

Red Canyon Dimensions:

Width: 17 by 10 feet

Height: 72 inches in center


How is it in Weather?

red canyon interior

red canyon-interior

This is a weather resistant tent that features Coleman’s exclusive Weathertec System and Leak-Free protected seams. It is made of a Coated polyester fabric with anti-wicking thread for further rain protection. And if that wasn’t enough, a rain-fly to cover the tent is also included. The doors are also protected from weather by the zipper cuffs. With the wind strong frame that uses guy-out triangles you are not likely to have the tent blown away which is a possibility with lesser tents in the wrong weather conditions. This thing held up for me in 20 mph winds without any problems. I’d bet it hold up in much heavier winds also. My favorite part of the weather resistance is the water-proof floor. Being protected from the rain is great but not having to sleep in a puddle is even better. I love this tent on long camping trips that make the weather harder to predict.

Set Up Difficulty?

Red Canyon

Setting this thing up is rather easy. My first practice run took my 30 minutes by myself. With the help of my 2 nephews it took 15 minutes. With a little practice I suspect the time could be cut even more. Easy instructions are sewn right onto the storage bag so you are unlikely to loose them. The shock corded color coded poles made the assembly process headache free. Getting the rain tarp over can be tricky for a shorter person alone, but possible. For taller people putting on the rain tarp should be no problem. But hopefully you’ll be camping in beautiful conditions that won’t require the rain fly so you can star gaze.

Additional Features

Extra features include a Cool-Air port for adjusting ventilation or moving your stuff through. I found this feature a little odd looking but it did help cool off the tent which was greatly appreciated in the Texas heat on my last camping trip to Lake Caddo. A welcome mat comes with the tent helping to keep the floors clean and clear of particulate. Interior pockets also aide in keeping the place neat, clean, and organized. Separate storage bags for the tent and the poles help prevent damage to the tent and help with organization. The Red Canyon is a good tent for running a clean camp.

Favorite Things

  • Weathertec Leak Free
  • Cool Air Port
  • D shaped Doors
  • Welcome Mat
  • Interior Storage Pockets

What are the Cons?

The only con to this tent is the height on the ends of the tent are shorter than the center. Some ducking may be required in the two end rooms.


All in all this family sized tent is highly recommended and is priced much lower than tents that offer similar features. As a matter of fact it is the lowest priced tent I’ve found of this size. Free shipping is likely available. Click to check the current pricing at Amazon and get your camping trip started off the right way,that is, dry with room to stretch out.  And don’t forget to read our other 8 Person Tent Reviews.