Coleman Instant 8 Person Tent Review

 Set Up

This has to be the easiest and quickest tent assembly I have ever experienced. I don’t believe that there is another tent on the market of this size that can be assembled with such ease and speed. This is a feature I should always look for when I buy a tent. Many claim quick set-up but this tent delivers in a way I never would have expected. The pole system comes pre-attached to the tent which is the key to the simplicity of it all. Once the tent is unfolded and spread you simply extend the tent poles, snap them together, then lock them in.If your number one buying point is assembly ease then this tent will not disappoint. Coleman claims assembly and collapse is possible in under a minute, but actually spreading the tent out and setup took me about 5 minutes the first couple of times but was able to get the time down to about two and a half minutes once I got used to it. I was able to set it up by myself. Since the frame and poles don’t come apart you also don’t have to worry about losing parts which can be a problem for the absent minded among us (myself included). There is nothing worse than being in the process of setting up your tent at a site only to realize you are missing pieces. That will never happen with this tent. Thank goodness for attached poles. This is among the many reasons I believe this is one of the best multi person tents available at the moment.

Coleman Instant Tent Family Tent Review

Coleman Instant Tent


This is a fairly large tent. Measuring 14 by 10 feet at the base it will sleep 8 people comfortably. The center height is 6 feet and 5 inches so hardly anyone other than an NBA player will have to stoop while inside of the tent. The tent comes with one room divider making 2 rooms possible and lessening the chance of sleeping in the same room with the in-laws or the kids. It also has two doors for easy access. If  an 8 person tent is too much for your need, it is available in a smaller size.

Tent Dimensions:

Width: 14 feet by 10 feet.

Height: 6 feet 5 inches

Weather Resistance

The Coleman has the WeatherTec system and waterproof walls (made of coated polyester) to help keep you dry, but it does not include a separate rainfly. Unless its a severe thunderstorm you’ll stay dry, but if your planning on doing a lot of camping or camping in hot weather, buying a universal rainfly will allow you to keep the windows down for ventilation while raining in windy conditions. The tent has a welded waterproof floor so you will stay dry and puddle free, but adding a tarp underneath is still a good idea for extra protection. Another weather feature is the wind responsive frame which will keep you from blowing away during heavy winds. The tent has large windows, seven of them surrounding it. They are great for keeping cool and ventilating the tent with fresh air. The windows also provide a view of all sides of the tent so you can keep an eye on the kids ,the BBQ,and the campfire, or just for enjoying the scenery.


Coleman Instant tent interior

Additional Features

Additional features include an interior pocket for helping you stay organized. Easy instructions are sewn into the carrying bag. You probably will only need these once but great to have handy.


There are not many cons to this tent but there are a couple minor ones. The pegs are not the best quality. This is a common issue with most tents available these days. It is  always advisable to buy some sturdier pegs with any tent you purchase. Putting the tent back in the bag can be a problem, but I seem to always have this problem with big camping tents (probably due more to my impatience.)


Overall this is a great 8 person family tent. This is one of the best tents for sale in my opinion. Possibly the best tent in the world. The set up and disassembly couldn’t be any easier and the weather resistance is above expectations. Free Shipping is available at Amazon. Click Here to grab yours from Amazon today!